Advanced Land Editor









ALE (Advanced Land Editor) is a powerful software to help civil design. It is developed from 2000 and now at its revision 4.
The program is used by engineers and geologists who design roads, earth-moving, open mining, garbage dumps, pools, pits, basins, earth dams, land rehabilitation, civil general design and so on.
The ALE engine works by a 3D ground Modeler.
Simple buildings are added both as a reference and visual evaluation of the general project.

We suggest to download the working demo to evaluate in a few minutes how ALE is simple, accurate, cost effective.
The accuracy of the excavation and filling volumes calculation may be cross checked because is performed by two different methods (cross sections and prism). Resolution of the DTM (digital terrain model) is printed on request.
The performed project may be easily inspected, evaluated and changed by a professional user. All the outputs are automatically updated and shown in real time . A large effort has been performed to allow users to evaluate and control at any moment the status of the project.

ALE stands alone but it exchanges input and output files (points and straight segments polylines) with Autocad (a trademark of Autodesk) through a simplified dxf 12 format.
Text files (format txt) are managed by any word processor.
Pictures files (format bmp) are managed by any image processor.
Grid files (format asc) are managed by GIS

Input of survey data
Sparse xyz points (format dxf or txt)
Contour polylines (format dxf)
Other polylines and text (format dxf)

Design Output
Survey maps (format dxf)
Sections, groups of cross sections (format dxf)
Calculation of cut an fill volumes and 3D surface areas (format txt)
3D images (format bmp)
DTM-digital terrein model (format dxf and format asc for GIS).
Elevation, slope, orientation, other maps (format dxf) and 3d images (format bmp)

Input from CAD and other sources
Automatic and manual check and editing of the input survey data
Automatic triangulation, calculation of the contour lines, generation of the 3D model (DTM Digital Terrain Model)
Computer aided parametric modeling of the ground up to the final project : automatic roads, ground leveling, digging, filling, terracing
Automatic generation of contour lines, optional elevation step.
Automatic generation and control of the road path, roadway, horizontal and vertical bends, modeling of ground
Addition of simple buildings and walls
Automatic generation of the sections, groups of cross sections, road profiles and so on
Automatic calculations of volumes and surfaces
Automatic generation and spatial manipulation of 3d images
Professional outputs to CAD and other processors.